For Deskjet Printers
1.Break line: Low ink level
Replace a new cartridge or refill ink
2.Break line: Air runs into the ink outlet, especially the posotion that connect with print head
Check the ink path(especially in the change-over position)to clean out the air in print head
3.Break line: The printer power off for a long time
Turn on the printer requalrly once a week
4.Break line: The ink does not match the cartridge's structure
Use the sample cartridge to set up the matching ink
5.Break line: Poor ink mobility (strong stickness)
Replace ink cartridge
6.Blur picture(This phenomenon is usually appear in Autumn and winter, whose humidity is lower, and that phenomenon is not the problem of ink quality)
All the ink has electrical conductivity which is more obvious on dye ink. While most media especially some bad medias will affect the moving track of ink droplets with its static electricity, thus leads to the blur pictures.
7.Blur picture: The print head is aging and its nozzles are irregular
Correcting the print head, or soak the print head into the warm deionized water (this solution is just for the print head which can be easily taken out, if not, please replace the print head)
8. Color cast: There are differences between ink batches
The ink factories have to control the difference between batches by rigious inspections
9. Color cast: Replaced a new print head or a new computer
Please reprint the standard page
10. Color cast: one of the ink cartridges is used out and the chip has not prompt
Please do the nozzle test
11. Bleed: The print environment
The paper will damp in the rainy season, please chenge the print enviroment or mulch membrane after printing
12. Bleed: Bad colorant
Replace colorant
For Wideformat printer
1.Print head blocking
The ink particles(or impurities) are too large that block the nozzles, or ink crystallized to block the nozzles. Please use the airlaid paper/cloth to clean the print head's surface, or soak the print head into the cleaning liquid if it is serious
2. Print head stickness
The ink stick to print head's surface, and then pile up at the nozzles, thus leading to oblique ink droplet. Please use the airlaid paper/cloth to clean the print head
3. It needs much time for print paper drying, especially in the wet weather. Or the dry paper become damp in the wet weather will lead to mutual infiltration of color
1.It's probably caused by ink, please replace the ink.
2.Please mulch membrane on the printed picture.
3.Use the drying equipment to dry the printed picture.
4. The print head was damaged
The air leak will lead to discontinuous ink supply, thus blank line, print blank will appear. What is more serious is that the print head will be burned.
5.The ink has a good color effect during printing, but the color turn light on the dry paper after one hour
The ink is not suitable for some kinds of media
6. Color cast
1.please debugging by the professional ICC curve;
2.most large format printers accompanying software, thus you can debugging through the ICC curve in the accompanying software;
3.some color can't be showed because the ink's gamut is narrow,please replace the ink.